Lawn seeding, regeneration and fertilisation

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If you’re thinking about seeding a new lawn or laying one with lawn rolls, we first need to consider a couple of things. We need to identify the right type of essence to use, depending on its application, the type of soil, its exposure, the climate, the water availability for its irrigation and how much time we are planning to spend on its maintenance. There are many reasons why a lawn can decay: winter cold, ice formed over night, snow, fungal diseases, poor autumn seeding results, damages caused by pets. Generally, to improve the look and the health of the lawn, we need to follow three steps: aeration, over seeding and fertilization. Having an annual fertilization plan is a thoughtful way of taking care of your turf. Maintenance during different seasons means loving your lawn. A regular maintenance is the key to having a healthy and good-looking green carpet. It is very important to provide a balanced fertilization, based on any seasonal needs, thus allowing the soil to maintain a suitable and correct dosage of the main elements and guaranteeing a healthy and strong grass growth.

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