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Gardening in Siena and surroundings
Paolo Rizzo
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Small Private Gardens and terraces
Create your green space
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Colorful seasons to live your green
Color, color… color
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What a passion!!!
Charming countryside...
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Paolo Rizzo Gardening in Siena and surroundings

Professionalism, competence and courtesy, constantly in search of non-aggressive products in harmony with nature and environmentally friendly respecting plant physiology and the set of the context

It is a great privilege to carry out this job, which I am very passionate about, aiming to do it with a constant respect of mankind and nature.

My curiosity drives me to new challenges aiming to broaden my knowledge and competences. I am versatile, creative; I have an eye for details and have developed manual skills.

Throughout my life, I have lived in different countries, changing interests and jobs, but always with one main theme: the passion for green.

I quit my last white collar job and in 2012 I obtained the Diploma of Professional Gardener at the renowned “Scuola Agraria del Parco di Monza”, in order to become a full-time professional manager of green spaces.

Whenever it is possible, I use environmentally friendly products and working tools always respecting both plant physiology and the harmony of the setting.

This passion has prevailed all over that, and has made gardening a “state of mind”.

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Do you need to mow the lawn in your garden? Perhaps you would like to create or take good care of your green space but you are short of time? You’d like to do it but you don’t know how? Contact me even if it’s just for an advice or a free inspection; I will be happy to help you.

Call me without obligation

Paolo Rizzo Gardening

I carry out my activity mainly around Siena and its province. However, if there is an interesting and challenging opportunity, I can cross these limits.

Many services and lots of passion

“How is your garden going? Since spring is on its way, it is time to start thinking about the preparation of our plants and their soil.

At this time of the year there are many activities to do in the garden. We can start with a general cleaning of the garden, getting rid of dead leaves and dead wood.

Soil preparation is essential so let’s do some hoeing and weeding for a better soil aeration. It is a good time to plant new annual essences, but we need to wait until the risk of late frosts has passed.

Within March/April it is important to give our plants a fertiliser containing three nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

Preferably use a slow release granular fertilizer. Then we can mulch at the base of the plant with some leaves, bark chips, straw making it about 4-5 cm thick, for a better weed control.

Have you already pruned your roses? End of February beginning of March is the right time for pruning roses but with all due caution in fact we need to be careful of late frosts. A late pruning could slow down their spring growth and delay their first blooms.

Shrubs blooming in winter only need a light cleaning, so we remove weak, broken or messy branches, whereas those that bloom in spring will be pruned as they overblown.

The amount of water that plants need during this period is considerable, and it is important to avoid waterlogging as we water your plants during the day.

Therefore we need to check our irrigation system, replace any pipes or valves possibly damaged during last wintertime and restart it.

“Has your irrigation system been inspected before you reactivate it?”