Pest control treatments

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Your plants might occasionally require some specific treatments for their conservation. When possible, I prefer not to use chemical products, using organic gardening pest control instead and making it the main defence weapon of vegetable gardens, orchards and gardens. However, sometimes pest problems are not adequately managed by natural, cultural or mechanical control methods. At times organic pest control is not enough because, for instance, we find out about the disease when it is too late and it has spread too far.
 Insecticides are often the only control option left.
 In this case we will need to use some chemical products that are certified and authorised and that will be used in a diligent manner and with the competence of a professional figure, respecting the National Plan of Action (PAN) for a sustainable use of insecticides. At the end of the day prevention is the best way to keep insect damage away from your garden. A healthy garden is the best defence.

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